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Hayate Gekkou
03 September 2006 @ 10:57 pm
Yes...I do live ~__~ I've been working on a couple things lately. Not really much has happened...Though....There have been a couple eventful things. I've not been told if I'm allowed to speak about them, so I shall remain silenced on that subject. The crib is done Tsunade-sama....If there's anything else you need of me, please do let me know.

On that note...I'm tired from cleaning up my apartment and such, so to bed I shall go now <3

....such a lonely life I lead. No matter how social I try to be. /._.\
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Hayate Gekkou
02 August 2006 @ 08:58 pm
Yes...much as the title says....I'm alone again...such if my fate as a bachelor forever....~___~;; Oh well I guess....*sighs* On the better side, I've been chosen as the proctor for the battling portion of the exams....hopefully I won't get sick and injured this time by a sensei...>__>;;

Anyhow...I'm around, not really doing much...if someone wants a drinking buddy, or something....lemme know.
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Hayate Gekkou
24 April 2006 @ 02:29 am
is there something that's unappealing to me? /._.\ I feel like Kurenai's avoiding me for some reason ;__; I wish I could see her....Perhaps I shall go out and do some sword training to get my mind off of things /. .\

On an off note....Lilu's actually started to grow a lot....She's almost fully grown now...It took her a while to start growing...but she's finally getting there ^__^

((OOC note: Sorry for anyone if hayate doesn't seem too active x.x; my muse has gotten a little inactive since he hasn't been able to see/talk to kurenai :\ and a sidenote to kurenai rper: I'M SORRY FOR NOT BEING THERE WHEN YOU CAME BACK THE WEEK BEFORE!! DX I was really tired and I needed a nap ;___; <33 Hayate still loves kurenai!!! DX))
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Hayate Gekkou
27 March 2006 @ 01:25 pm
I miss my Kurenai ;__; Ano...*coughs* I've been busy finishing my cabinets in my place. It's been pretty lonely without her around...Ano...lilu's grown pretty attatched to her as well. Speaking of lilu...She's starting to grow some now :3 She still comes and wakes me up everymorning by licking my chin...^^;
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Hayate Gekkou
11 March 2006 @ 10:40 pm
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Hayate Gekkou
Well, last night was I little stressful in the least. Kurenai came over upset and such because of something someone had done to her I swear...if I see the punk >__>;; they're ass is grass..No one upsets her like that v___v; EVER I spent most of hte night comforting her...She ended up staying the night there. I took the couch while she took my bed. She woke me up this morning....She'd cooked me a full breakfast and everything <33 ^___^ She's so wonderful <33 X3 I will have to do something special for her soon v__v; *nodnod*

And this Tayuya person >__>; ....They are going to repent....T__T
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Hayate Gekkou
03 March 2006 @ 01:04 am
Wow...it's been a long time since I've last updated...o___o;;

...Anyhow...^__^ Kurenai and I went out on our second date on Valentine's day...I don't think I can remember the last time I had so much fun or have been as happy as I am now I'm grateful to have been blessed with such a presence and happiness as I have been currently.....I plan on asking her something on our next one....hopefully x___x;;

...I still miss my friends back home...though, I feel that I will be making more later on. I heard there will be another Chuunin exam. I'm not sure as to what Tsunade-sama has planned for me to do, yet. I'll be happy to help though.

Speaking of helping, Shizune-san has started helping Tsunade-sama out more. SO I'll probably be able to spend more time with Kurenai working on my kitchen.

.....I still wish to fulfill my dream...I'm hoping to start making steps closer soon...<33

((edit: ...OMG!! I just noticed Kurenai and Hayate have the exact same emotes! XD <333....Yes...I'm a 'tard...shhhh >___<;; ....It's almost 1:30 am....and I've had a rough day v___v; <3))
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Hayate Gekkou
11 February 2006 @ 07:13 pm
Lately has been somewhat tiring. *coughs* Tsunade-sama, I'm sorry I fell asleep on your bed the other night /. .\ I have been working a lot. Aside from the normal daily work I do in the office, I've been redoing a lot of things in my place to make it look more....homely, I guess you could call it. I want to replace the cabinets :D a deep cherry wood, or a light color...perhaps oak finish for it would look nice, I think 9__9 *nodnod* I think hardwood floors in there would look nice too... ^___^ I wanna change the carpet also....I don't want to know what that stain in it, is from >.o; on a more personal noteCollapse )

In any case....perhaps I'll get assigned another mission soon...
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Hayate Gekkou
01 February 2006 @ 02:04 am
...It's been a while since I've updated this thing....

Well...I ended up in this....alternate universe...I guess is about the closest I can get to describing it...I do miss Shikamaru my pupil and temari his lovely wife...I miss my best friend from there as well...kakashi...and the one I've missed the most....Mubi....*sighs* ....They're all lost now...Not much else I can do but try to move on now.

I was living in the woods for a few weeks.......Thanks genma ~__~ for the lovely directions... Tsunade-sama was kind enough to give me a place to stay and fix up to call my home for a while. Her and I have gone out and gotten a few furnishings for our own places. She's probably the only perons I've really gotten to know since I've arrived here....I've talked to Raido once....anyone who knows raido...yeah ...damn near impossible to have a civil conversation with him...T___T

Anyhow....Anko-san and I had lunch the other day....I've come to learn she loves sushi...^^; Again, I'm sorry that I had to leave so suddenly Anko-san ^^;

I accidentally bumped into Kurenai-san today...It was a pleasant accident...^^; I enjoyed our time together, Kurenai-san. Perhaps we could have lunch or something sometime? Thank you for helping me paint my place some and make it more habitable.....I'm sorry it was somewhat of a mess though ^^;;
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Hayate Gekkou
02 December 2005 @ 09:58 pm
Ano....I've been assigned a mission. I'll be leaving after this weekend. It's a fairly easy task, I think....So I should be home with in a day or two. Ano...Sakumo or Shika, if either one of you would like to take care of Lilu while I am gone, I would very much appriciate it....^^;

Also, Raido....I would like to speak with you before I leave, if that is all right with you....I still miss you, though it seems like you don not want to see me ,~__~,

Shika, thanks for healing my arm ^^; And kakashi...T__T It really was an accident....I wouldn't stoop so low as to hurt myself like that purposely........I would follow through with it if I wanted to hurt myself that badly ._.;

Anyhow, I talked with Ebisu today...^__^ We had a nice conversation. Though, it's unfortunate to hear about what happened the other night....I would have to think that the Konoha Police force isn't doing their job >__>; Anyhow...He and I talked about his business, and teaching ^__^ And how it's such a wonderful experience it is to teach someone ^__^ ...it's somethign I really enjoy doing...more on a one on one or one to three basis...I don't think I could handle a whole class of kids x____x;

...somehow I started thinking about Genma today....I kind of miss him. I wonder how he's doing. Well I hope....
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